Who We Are

We use the science of behavior to create significant changes that are long-lasting and impactful to children and their families.

We can help decrease problematic behaviors and teach constructive and age-appropriate skills, including language, play skills, daily living skills, social skills and academic skills.


To provide effective, evidence-based ABA therapy to children by designing high quality programs that are significant, backed by data, applicable and positive.

  • We are committed to scientifically validated practices and data driven decisions, which enable us to provide effective and high quality ABA therapy.

  • We are committed to the ethical practice of ABA and abide by the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code, as outlined by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB), in every aspect of our work.

  • We dream of making ABA available to every child that needs it in our community.

  • We believe each child is unique and we consider it a privilege to work with your child and family. We commit to treating your child as we would want our own to be treated. Our focus is on your child as a whole, beyond a diagnosis and beyond their current struggles and challenges.

His wing on the wind, and his eye on the sun, he swerves not a hair, but bears onward, right on...
may the eagle’s flight ever be thine, ONWARD AND UPWARD, and true to the line.
— George Washington Doane

Our building blocks

Just as your child is unique, your program should be too. At On & Up we go by our 4 building blocks in the design of every program, so that each goal paves the way to your child growing, learning & thriving.


We make sure that treatment goals aim at behavior change that is impactful to your family life and pivotal to your child’s success. We seek to empower your child by identifying and developing their strengths and passions, and tailoring each goal to their specific needs.


All of our programs, goals and recommendations are based on scientifically validated treatment and rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis. We collect and graph data in order to monitor progress closely, making changes based on your child’s data. We aim at teaching each child in the most effective way so that they can be successful.


We believe that a program is significantly more effective when the child’s family is involved. Our programs are designed with your family’s values and priorities in mind. We come alongside you so that as a parent, you are empowered and able to create significant behavior changes at home.


We believe that happy learners learn best and every program reflects that. We want to develop strong learners and to that purpose we seek to keep your child engaged and motivated every session, from start to end. Working with On & Up should be a positive experience to your child and your whole family.